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     I'm mixing it up once again and bringing another one of my all time passions to BE.ELLIS. Coming in June will be our BE.HOME Thrifted and Upcycled home decor collection.  I can't wait to share these unique treasures with you!

How it started:

     I've always loved to thrift and antique shop. The very first time I went "antiquing" was with my Aunt Bea in Cape Code, MA. I was about 8 years old and begged to go to the antique stores with her. I made my very first thrifted purchase that day, a beautiful small painting that was based off the Audrey Hepburn film "My Fair Lady". I was hooked, but at the time it wasn't cool to thrift and nor was I old enough to go and do it on my own, so years went by before I got back into the thrifting scene again.

     Fast forward to now.  Thrifting is trending and I'm all in! I want to share my thrifting joy and amazing finds with you all so you can feel the excitement I owning an one of a kind piece filled with history and a story behind it. Buying second hand is so important, its a fight against fast fashion and keeping our landfills and planet clean. Everything I have found is from estate sales, auctions, tag sales, antique stores and flea markets that would have other wise been discarded and left to add to the millions of pounds of waste in our landfills already.  I love owning a one of kind piece that everyone always asks "Where did you get that" and seeing there impressed faces when I say it's thrifted or vintage is even better.

Going Live:

     I'll be dropping new collections and pieces frequently so make sure to always be checking what's new in the BE.HOME decor collection. I can't wait to be your thrifted Home Goods shop!  Let me do the dirty work of finding and researching these pieces so you can just enjoy them in your home!  Thank you all for your support, it truly means so much to me!




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