BE.ELLIS was created by Holly Reno. A stay at home mom that was creating designs for her and her daughter, Teagan.  After playing around with different styles, she put got to learning and epicycle vintage and broken jewelry components to create new modern pieces, thus The Thea Brand was born.  After a year of modernizing other peoples designs and took to sketching and creating her very own collection.  After many different concepts and ideas, she finally put together a collection and found the perfect manufacturing partner in R&D Manufacturing to bring her ideas to life.  Using the best quality metals with her minimal and bohemian designs she was ready to finally release the very first BE.ELLIS collection.
     BE.ELLIS strives to bring positivity and empowerment into everyone who wears these pieces.  Each piece is handmade in the US and created in Connecticut.  It's a beautiful reminder to BE.BRAVE, BE.CONFIDENT and BE.YOU.  Created to make you feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. We hope you enjoy the collection and feel the positive vibes that go along with each piece.