BE.ELLIS was created by Me, Holly Reno. A stay at home mom that was creating designs for me and my daughter, Teagan.  After playing around with different styles, I started to learn and study jewelry making (Thank you Youtube-U) and began repurposing vintage jewelry components to create new modern pieces, thus The Thea Brand was born.  After a year of upcycling jewelry I decided I needed to step it up and start creating my own designs.  After many different concepts and ideas, I launched my very first collection in the fall of 2019 of minimal/dainty jewelry. 
     To say my first year of business was interesting is an understatement. After coming down from the highs of launching my first collection and going to my first shows, COVID hit.  No more shows, no more fast shipping services, no anything! On complete lockdown with the rest of the world. I had to start thinking outside the box.  I started to create mini collections with supplies and inventory I already had and launched them every other month. And trust me when I say trying to get work done when your then 4 and 2 year old are home all day was NOT easy.  But we did it, we survived and stayed strong through the weirdest and hardest first year of business. Now after taking a reflective break and gathering my creative vibes together I have launched a whole new version of BE.ELLIS full of personality and color. And added a couple things I picked up during quarantine too!
     I hope your experience on my site brings a smile to your face and a worth to your heart.  I 'm so excited to share everything I love to create and I put my all into everything I create for BE.ELLIS. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for all your support!! It means so much to me, I truly do a little happy dance with each order I receive and  I am forever grateful to you and supporting a woman owned small business!
Thank you again and Enjoy!