Are These Board Dishwasher Safe?

No.  All of our wood and resin home décor pieces are hand wash only.


What Is The Clear Part Made Of?

Epoxy Resin.


Can You Cut On The Epoxy?

Yes, you can cut on the epoxy part of the board.  But, we do recommend that you try to as little as possible as it will wear overtime. If you do choose to cut on it only use a cheese or butter knife. Best advice is that you do your heavy cutting on the opposite side, and serve on the epoxy side.


How Do You Clean The Epoxy?

The epoxy is very easy to clean.  Either wipe clean with soap and water or Windex for a quick shine up.  DO NOT submerge under water or put in dishwasher!


How Do You Care For The Wood?

Each piece is sealed with food safe mineral oil and bee's wax.  You can use your own mineral oil or wax to rehydrate your wood and keep it looking colorful and healthy.


Can You Wash The Glasses With Epoxy Inside?

Glasses with resin inside/outside should all be hand washed.


Can You Drink From The Glasses?

Yes, you can drink from the glasses with resin inside. Just rinse before you pour your first drink and you’re ready to go.


Do You Personalize Pieces?

Yes, we do customization on all of our home décor pieces.  Just email us at hollyareno@gmail.com to discuss your ideas and needs.





What Are Your Candles Made With?

Are candles are all made of 100% soy wax.


Are The Organic?

Yes, are of our candles are made with 100% organic soy wax with zero toxins.


What Do You Use To Make Your Scents?

All of our scents are created with essential oils.


Are These Easy To Clean If They Spill?

Yes, Soy wax is super easy to clean up. Just use hot water and soap to clean up any spill. 


Can I reuse The Jars?

Yes, once the jars are cleaned of all wax feel free to reuse the jars as you like or send them back for a refill at a discounted price!


Custom Order Questions:


Do you do custom pieces?

Yes! We do custom ocean décor, teams and wedding favors.


How long do custom orders usually take?

Depends on the amount of orders and shows I currently have, but a good estimate is 2-3 weeks.


How Do I Contact You For A Custom Order?

Any social media message board works, (especially Instagram), or directly email me at beelliscontact@gmail.com or hollyareno@gmail.com


How Do I Pay For A Custom Order?

All orders are invoiced and emailed to you directly after completion. Unless paid in full from a show purchase.  No orders will be shipped out until after invoice is paid.


Do I Have To Put Down A Deposit?

No deposit is needed unless the board includes a personalized name or design. Then 50% of your custom order would need to be deposited.


How Long Do I Have To Pay The Invoice?

48hrs, unless we agree on a different time or date of payment. But no order will be shipped until payment is paid.






Are you on Social Media?

You can find BE.ELLIS on multiple Social Media Platforms

Facebook- @beellisfacebook

Instagram- @beellis

Twitter- @offcialbeellis

Pinterest- @beellis

TikTok- @beellis and @beellistiktok