Do you only sell your jewelry and accessories online?
As of right now, we only sell our BE.ELLIS collection online on our website.  We do attend trade shows, local markets and artisan shows that we will announce as the event grows closer.


Will you restock out-of-stock items?
If an item sells out, we will do our best to have those items return back to the shop.  But in most cases, if an item is sold out its gone forever.


How do I care for my BE.ELLIS jewelry?

To keep your jewelry clean wipe with a soft cloth. Never use jewelry cleaner on BE.ELLIS jewelry. Store each of your pieces separately in cloth pouches or by hanging. Protect the plating of your jewelry by removing it while swimming, showering, exercising, washing hands, and before applying perfume, lotion or hair products. Never expose your jewelry to water or harsh detergents. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product; however, if your jewelry should be exposed to any of the above products, tarnishing may occur. Tarnishing may also be caused by the skin’s natural pH levels.


Gold Plated VS Gold Filled. What's the difference?

The layer of gold alloy on gold-plated jewelry is around .05 on regular pieces.  Our gold plated pieces are between .07-1 and layered over with a protective lacquer to last longer against tarnish. Gold-filled jewelry has 100x more gold alloy than gold plated and because that layer is so much thicker, it means gold-filled jewelry lasts longer and stands up to wear and tear better than gold plated. If The gold-filled pieces are taken care of correctly, they can last a lifetime.  This is why we choose to create the main parts of our designs in Gold-filled rather than Gold-Plated.


Ring Size Chart (Approximately):

  • 5          2inch (51mm)
  • 6          2 1/8inch (53mm)
  • 7          2 inch 3/16 (56mm)
  • 8          2 1/4inch (58mm)


How to find ring size:

Using a measuring tape (or piece of string, to be measured against a ruler later) is an accurate way to find your ring size in inches. Wrap the measuring tape around where you want the ring to fit on your finger. You want the tape/string to feel snug, but not tight. Use a pen to mark the tape or cut the small piece of string. Then, simply measure the string, or see how many millimeters it took to wrap around your finger. Finally, simply reference our ring size chart.

 Note: The best time to try this is at the end of the day, when your fingers are likely to be at their largest.


Are you on Social Media?

You can find BE.ELLIS on multiple Social Media Platforms

Facebook- @beellisofficial

Instagram- @beellis

Twitter- @offcialbeellis

Pinterest- @beellis

TikTok- @beellis and @beellistiktok